L’ACFA Régionale de St.-Paul celebrated the launch of Francophone Month by raising the Franco-Albertan flag in front of l’École du Sommet March 1. Students, staff, and invited dignitaries were on hand for the ceremony and celebration of French-Canadian culture.

President Ernest Piquette said it’s important for new generations to learn the French language and discover their culture, and to share it in the community.

“We try to do that in our activities—to send out the message that it’s not just for the French, it is for the whole community, and it enriches the whole society,” Piquette said.

He acknowledged that Métis people are a big part of the French-speaking community in St. Paul. “There’s a lot of Métis in our ancestry, and so we try to bring them on board and have functions where we can both represent ourselves and learn from each other,” he said.

“It’s very important that everyone is invited, not just the francophones.”