The newspaper for seniors (and seniors-to-be)

There are 15,000 people over age 50 in Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St Paul and the surrounding area.

That’s a small city unto itself.

Think of Respect as the community newspaper in this “city” of seniors and seniors-to-be.

Although we live in several different towns, and some of us are still on the farm, we have a lot in common — shared interests and activities, shared concerns and shared memories.

Respect comes out every two weeks, with page after page of content relevant to seniors (and seniors-to-be). Our aim is to publish a paper that is a pleasure to read, not just for the information but for the simple joy of turning the pages and finding something new.

Respect and a cup of coffee — sometimes that’s all a person needs.

“People have asked me how I came to call the paper Respect. I’ll tell you.

“Most newspapers will have a pretty common name—you know, The Times or The Gazette or The Tribune or The Post. But these words essentially just mean ‘newspaper.’ They don’t tell you anything about what’s inside.

“So I asked myself, what should senior readers expect from us? When they choose to spend an hour reading our newspaper, what do we owe them? What do I want the paper to be known for? And I kept coming back to the same thing: respect.

“So that’s what I decided to call it. And now we get to live up to it.”

– Jeff Gaye, owner/publisher


The newspaper for seniors (and seniors-to-be)

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