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Don Cassidy

Elaine Cassidy

Coots and Cameras

by Don and Elaine Cassidy

After 38 years of educating teenagers, Don Cassidy joined his wife Elaine in their shared passion of watching birds and chasing that perfect photograph. Since the summer of 2017 they have travelled to popular Alberta birding sites, seeking out their own first sightings of different bird species while creating memories together.

Through their “Coots and Cameras” column, they will share their adventures and growing knowledge about the magic and beauty that birds provide. “Full disclosure though,” Don says. “Elaine and I are fledglings in this shared pursuit and we are learning as we go.”

Learn along with them in every issue of Respect. Or if you are a seasoned naturalist, write to us and share your own observations!

Phil Crump

Phil Crump

Reflections on Living

by Phil Crump

Phil served as the Pastor of Community Baptist Church in Cold Lake for 31 years. He enjoys pickleball, fishing, camping and visiting different places in the world. Now retired, Phil volunteers as the manager and director of the Cold Lake Food Bank.

Phil and Lynn have three children and four granddaughters.

The Volunteer Army

by Leanne Draper

Leanne takes a closer look at the world of volunteering, from the perspective of volunteers themselves, and from the point of view of organizations that depend on volunteer work.

The Volunteer Army appears in alternating issues of Respect.

Leanne Draper

James MacTavish

CheckFirst: Dollars and Sense

by James MacTavish

James MacTavish offers the latest advice on investing and recognizing and avoiding the red flags of investment fraud and scam artists. His column appears in every other issue of Respect. Learn more about investing wisely and investment scams at CheckFirst.ca.

James is a Senior Advisor, Investor & Industry Education at the Alberta Securities Commission.

Max Johnson


by Max Johnson

“The travel industry is a fascinating world,” Max says. “It is a complex place with a myriad of factors affecting our decisions, forecasts, and business plans on a daily basis. From the extraordinary volatility of the currency markets to medical pandemics, the industry is hit by one new factor after another.

“And yet it continues to grow, prosper and enchant.”

Max has spent a lifetime as a traveller and a career in the travel industry. His monthly Globetrotting column, exclusive to Respect, offers travel advice as well as vicarious visits to Max’s favourite destinations.

For more, visit his blog at maxglobetrotter.com

Jeff Gaye

In Every Respect

by Jeff Gaye

Respect editor Jeff Gaye shares his thoughts on the issues of the day: important issues like healthcare policies, and unimportant issues like prune juice!

Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes thought-provoking—and sometimes seemingly without much thought at all—In Every Respect offers an easy and often lighthearted read.


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