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Why Advertise?

Your ad reaches out to your customers, even when they’re not in your shop. It’s your opportunity to keep in touch and share what’s new. It tells customers that they matter to you between visits.

Respect is intended for a specific audience: our seniors. Through our pages, you can tell them directly how important they are to you. Do you offer services that fit their needs? Tell them! Do you show them your appreciation by offering a seniors’ discount? Tell them! Does your staff go the extra mile to accommodate seniors? Tell them!

Ads are an important part of the time a reader spends with a newspaper. They make the paper better by offering readers useful and welcome information. Commerce is just as vital to a community of readers as it is to the people of a town.

Advertising with Respect helps give local seniors a newspaper of their own. It builds your relationship with these very important people. And it brings customers to your door.

In so many ways, it pays to advertise.


The newspaper for seniors (and seniors-to-be)

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