Submission Guidelines


Submissions to the Your Stories pages should address that issue’s theme. Stories may be long or short, but please bear in mind we want to publish as many as we can – a shorter story may have a better chance of being published.

And you don’t have to be a great author—the simplest stories are often the best! If you have a picture to accompany your story, send it along, we’ll do our best to include it. If your picture is indeed worth a thousand words, we may just run the picture with a caption.

You may submit a story on paper (typed or handwritten) or electronically. If you are sending your story on paper, please get it into the mail well before the deadline.

All submissions are subject to editing.

Please email electronic submissions to:

Paper submissions can be mailed to:
RESPECT   |   1908 5 Avenue   |   Cold Lake   |   Alberta   |   T9M 1B7


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