Impact Health can open your insurance claim and start your treatment right away

If you’ve been in a traffic accident, a workplace accident, or even if you’re discovering new aches and pains, your road to wellness begins with your physiotherapist.

In many cases, a visit to a physio clinic should be your first stop—even before you see a doctor.

“Some people don’t come to see us because they feel like they don’t have any kind of sprain, strain, muscle ache, or any kind of pain,” said Param Singh, co-owner and physiotherapist at Impact Health in Cold Lake, Bonnyville, and St. Paul.

But in whiplash cases, for example, many patients don’t experience pain for up to two weeks after their injury, and they might not think it’s related to their accident. “For some people it’s like, ‘oh, it could be my work. Last week I was lifting, pushing, pulling,’” Singh said.

But the longer you wait, the worse and more complicated your injuries can become. And if you misattribute your symptoms for too long, you might miss your two-year window for an insurance claim.

“I always say if you’re in an accident, you should report to physio right away,” Singh said. “You don’t need a doctor’s referral, and we can even open your insurance claim for you on your first visit.”

As certified and licenced professionals, physiotherapists are qualified to conduct a thorough assessment of your injuries and begin treatment. Just as importantly, Singh says, they are trained to recognize the red flags that indicate you should see a medical doctor.

“We’re trained in identifying problems and treating them, but also in identifying what we can’t treat,” he said.

And it’s not just accident victims who should seek an assessment. Anyone who is experiencing pain or a loss of mobility can refer themselves to a physiotherapist. Proper treatment can keep small things from getting worse, and can keep people active—and healthy—longer.

“I know many golfers who have pains that get worse all season long. And then over the winter, they’re not doing anything and the next summer it’s even worse,” Singh said. “There are things we can do now so you can enjoy golfing or gardening or other activities for years to come.”

Physical health as we age goes far beyond sports and hobbies. Small injuries can escalate over time to the point where they become serious disabilities. Singh says the best time to treat them is right now.

“Any functional limitation is a warning and an opportunity. People sometimes don’t care about it until they become fully disabled or fully unfunctional,” he said. “But you can walk through our door tomorrow and be on the path to better living.”

To book an assessment, visit the Impact Health website at, or call the clinic nearest you: Cold Lake: 780-594-2083
Bonnyville: 780-812-3093
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