Short or long term, Just Like Family can provide companionship and personal care

For many older people who still live in their own homes—whether by choice or because they are on a waiting list for a new place—a little help can go a long way.

Just Like Family is a locally-owned service that can help in all kinds of ways.

“Would you like someone to visit regularly and help with household chores? Do you need a ride to appointments, or would you just enjoy a drive in the country? Something as simple as that can make life a lot easier,” says Jeff Wurzer.

Jeff is a longtime Bonnyville resident and owner of Just Like Family’s North Edmonton location. He shares his time between his home in the MD of Bonnyville and the Edmonton office.

“I’m from here, I still live here, and I want to serve people in my community,” he said.

Just Like Family’s services range from companion care to personal care. They can even provide overnight or 24-hour care as required.

“If you want someone to check in regularly and join you for tea and a game of cards, and give you a hand around the house, we can match you up with the right caregiver,” he said. “If you require personal care, we can arrange for a certified health care aide to help you out.

“And it’s all in your own home.”

Jeff knows of couples where one partner has to look after the other, and he knows it can be difficult for both. Often just a little help can make things much easier.

“If you’re the one being cared for, you might feel like you’re a burden. And if you’re the one providing care, of course it’s difficult,” he said. “If we can help with some of the care, or offer both partners a bit of respite, it can be great for everybody.”

The name “Just Like Family” describes Jeff’s approach. He wants to match his clients with a caregiver they will enjoy being with.

“It’s not just somebody who comes in and does stuff while you go hide in another room, like some people might do with a house cleaner,” he said. “We want you to be involved. Maybe prepare and eat meals together, and teach your caregiver how to make your favourite recipe. We want you to look forward to their visits.”

Some Just Like Family clients want to stay in their own homes as long as they can. Some others have decided they would do better in an assisted-living or continuing care residence, but are on a waiting list. Jeff is happy to help either short-term or over an extended period.

“Whatever will make your life easier, we’re happy to help,” he said.

For more information, contact Just Like Family at (780) 691-0800, or