Residents and staff at Sunnyside Manor in St. Paul are doing their best in trying times.

“We have not allowed visitors for a while now, and have restricted the residents from going out,” said manager Kerry Trottier. In accordance with the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s directives, everyone has started to practice physical distancing within the building. 

“This meant we could only have two diners at each table. We had to extend the dining room and add many more tables. Our programs and activities have also been cancelled to allow for the six-foot rule, and five or less in a gathering,” Trottier said. 

“It has been hard on the residents but we are trying to keep everyone’s spirits up. Our head cook Caroline has brought her guitar out at meal time to sing to the residents, and we delivered popcorn to everyone’s rooms yesterday—that was a hit!”

Sunnyside is not accepting any deliveries for items for the residents from families or loved ones. They are accepting deliveries only from the grocery and drug stores. In addition, they have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures especially high-use hard surfaces.

“All the staff gets screened and temperature tested when they come to work, and we are washing our hands like crazy!” Trottier said.