The Cold Lake Women of Influence Committee is seeking nominations for its annual Cold Lake Women of Influence Awards, to be celebrated in March 2022.

The committee is a group of local women who come together to celebrate International Women’s Day and honour the various ways that women enhance and invigorate the Cold Lake community.

“We are seeking to acknowledge women who use their individual strengths and abilities to further themselves, their families, their organizations, and our community,” their website says.

Nominations are open in seven categories, from which an Overall Woman of Influence will be named.

The categories are arts and culture; business and professional; community and volunteerism; health and wellness; science and technology; younger woman of influence (18 and younger); and older woman of influence (65 and older).

The Older Woman of Influence Award “celebrates a woman who has actively sought to influence the community in a positive way by starting something different or new in her later years,” according to the award criteria.

“The focus isn’t on past accomplishments or lifetime achievements, but on new accomplishments in which she is achieving excellence. She has demonstrated that a woman of any age can bring about change by actively seeking new ways to contribute to the good in society. Her life serves as an example of the benefits of active aging while helping to dispel the negative stereotypes of older age,” the criteria read.

Recipients of the Older Woman of Influence Award have been Linda Grant, 2018; Kaye Lewis, 2019; and Mary Anne Penner, 2020. 

The awards were not held in 2021.

The deadline for completed nomination packages for all categories is 4:00 pm on January 18, 2022.

Each package must contain a completed nomination form and an explanation, with a minimum 100 words, why the Nominator believes that the Nominee is deserving of the award in the selected category. Judging will be based on the criteria of each category.

The form is available online at, along with complete submission information.

Kaye Lewis, left, and Mary Anne Penner are past winners of the Older Woman of Influence Award. JEFF GAYE