The sisters at Our Lady Of Perpetual Sewing are back.

Elk Point Allied Arts will present the sequel to Drinking Habits for five shows between April 1 and April 9.

Drinking Habits 2 (Caught In the Act) brings back the characters from the original comedy, but director Don Conrad says you don’t have to have seen the first play to enjoy the second. 

“It’s a totally different storyline,” Conrad said. “It’s the same eight characters, and five of our actors are back playing the same roles. And they’re doing a phenomenal job.”

The troupe is getting its rhythm back after a long Covid layoff. They typically present a spring play and a Christmas one each year, but their recent Christmas production was their first in three years. 

Getting right back into rehearsals has helped them regain the momentum they were used to, Conrad said. There’s a lot involved—learning lines, rehearsals twice a week, costumes, sets, lighting, sound—but it pays off for the audience and the performers alike.

“With about a month rest [after the Christmas play] we were back into it—which was great for us too, because we had a chance to socialize. We got a chance to get out and be with our friends, and at the same time try to do something for the community as a whole,” Conrad said.

“It’s been very good, we’re just very proud of the cast,” he said. “And this is a more complicated play to show. They’re adapting to that really well. 

“It’s a very strong, cohesive group. Everybody is helping each other out and nobody’s criticizing anybody. We’re just having a great time with this one.”

And what’s dinner theatre without dinner? The food, prepared by Shirley’s Trays and Catering, will offer a sumptuous buffet of roast pork loin, chicken, and plenty of salads, sides, and desserts. 

Although Covid restrictions have been relaxed, Conrad says playgoers’ safety and comfort are still taken into account. As at Christmastime, groups of four will be seated together—or larger groups if everyone is comfortable with that. 

But everyone is welcome.

“We just want to make people a little bit more comfortable because there are some that are a little nervous about going out,” he said.

The sisters are back to their winemaking ways in Drinking Habits 2 (Caught In the Act). JEFF GAYE