Elk Point Allied Arts paid tribute to
co-founder Randall Krys, who passed away last year JEFF GAYE

The show must go on.

Elk Point Allied Arts presented the opening of “In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (that should be shot)” on the weekend, and director Don Conrad couldn’t be happier.

“It’s fantastic,” Conrad said. “The crowds there are receptive. There’s positive comments from all directions about everything from the meal to the show and how we have it organized.”

Conrad had been optimistic that people would return to the popular dinner theatre after having to cancel last year. When the tickets started selling, it was clear the organization had another hit.

“They’re back,” Conrad said. “They’re back in full force and more.”

The comedy opened Friday night and ran through the weekend with another evening show on Saturday and a matinee on Sunday. The freezing rain Sunday kept a few out-of-town ticket holders off the road.

“We had a few cancellations, but then some have just moved to the next weekend because they really want to see the show,” Conrad said.

Proof of vaccination for those over 12 years old is required to attend the play, but the theatre-goers took it in stride and the admission process was well-organized.

“The atmosphere that was created in there just by the people coming in and talking and visiting—you could see that they’re really excited about being able to get out someplace and do something which reflects normality,” Conrad said.

He says there has been no negativity or pushback about checking vaccine certificates.

“People are really quite pleased that we are doing it,” he said. “I think they feel it’s safe to get out and they can enjoy themselves in a safe atmosphere.

“We’re just really thankful for the support because it has been a difficult year financially for us. It is helping us out immensely and we’re just happy to help people have a little better Christmas.”

The play runs again this weekend with a Family Night Special on Thursday (show only, no meal) and then the regular dinner shows Friday and Saturday evenings.

Elk Point Allied Arts presents “In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (who should be shot)” again this week. Don Conrad reports excellent attendance for their opening weekend, including the Sunday brunch matinee. The annual dinner theatre productions are known for their entertaining shows and fantastic food! show is drawing great crowds. Pictures by JEFF GAYE
It’s a hostage drama and a family Christmas comedy: Elk Point’s annual dinner theatre is back! JEFF GAYE