“The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd!”

There’s no business like show business, they say. But it’s a long road to opening night.

Elk Point Allied Arts is presenting its annual Christmas dinner theatre November 25 – 27 and December 2 – 3. The troupe has been in twice-weekly rehearsals since September.

As much fun as it is, it’s also a gruelling process. The actors learn the play through reading the script and through interacting with each other. They have to memorize their lines and their cues, of course, but they also have to get to know their own specific characters.

From table readings to “blocking” sessions—working out stage positions and movements—through to working without a script, and endless repetitions, it’s a labour of love.

Rehearsal also involves working through mistakes, both your own and your fellow performers’. It involves questions, occasional disagreements, and compromise. And ultimately it requires consensus and unity.

It’s hard work.

But when the curtain goes up, the product is a team united with its audience in a common goal: and in the case of Southern Fried Nuptials, that goal is laughter.

The play is a sequel to Southern Fried Funeral, which the team presented in 2019. If you missed that show, don’t worry—this one works as a standalone. 

Respect attended a recent rehearsal and found the players in a relaxed (if earnest) frame of mind, reinforcing their positive progress while troubleshooting the hiccups along the way. Everything is right on schedule to be ready for a triumphant opening night.