Strawberries make people happy.

There was a crowd of smiling and laughing people visiting over strawberries and cream with tea or coffee at the Bonnyville Health Centre Auxiliary’s annual strawberry tea fundraiser on May 5. Even the volunteers, who were kept busy with dishing up and serving, were clearly enjoying the occasion.

Helen Wakulchyk, the Auxiliary’s president, said she was pleased with the turnout and the enthusiasm from attendees and volunteers. “It went very well,” she said. “We had more people this year than last year, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.”

Volunteers from the auxiliary and their friends and family members, as well as some from the hospital staff, pitched in to cut the cake and whip the cream, along with all of the other tasks that go into the annual event. Wakulchyk said a generous sponsor helped cover the expenses.

The funds raised at the tea will be available for the Auxiliary to spend supporting the Bonnyville Health Centre and its patients. Typically, Wakulchyk said, the hospital will make requests and the Auxiliary will decide what they are able to fund.

Smiles and laughter, and the joy of pitching in to help, made for a delightful afternoon at the Bonnyville Health Centre Auxiliary’s annual Strawberry Tea. JEFF GAYE