Christmas Time

Frank Russell

My wife and I, we sat alone,

Looking at out Christmas tree.

We said it don’t seem much like Christmas

Without our family.

We looked into our children’s rooms,

At the beds where they used to lay.

And outside in the garden,

Where they used to go to play.

No snowman in the garden 

Or children’s footprints in the snow.

Just a ray of light through the window,

From our Christmas tree a glow.

I turned and looked into the eyes 

Of my pretty little wife.

I saw the tears upon her cheeks.

It went through me like a knife.

Every year at Christmas time,

We are as happy as can be.

But we easily can become sad,

When we look back on our family life,

And the way things used to be.

Author’s note: Outmigration has caused many Newfoundland families to be separated at Christmas time.

Mother Earth’s Warning

Frank Russell

Men of greed, you have set out to destroy me

Taking parts of my body

Leaving just empty cavities

Over-cutting my trees,

Poisoning my rivers, ponds, and streams.

Those are the veins of my body

You are trying to destroy me

If you continue I will destroy you

You can never take from me 

What I can take from you.

All your material things will be left behind

My empty cavities will be empty no more

I will regenerate after you are long gone

Take care of me and I will take care of you.

This is my final warning

You have seen what I can do.

Author’s note: The concept of my poem I wrote and had published October 6, 1998, today has become a reality. Sad but true.

Faith and understanding more constructive than judgment

Tania Antoniuk

We classify people with emotional problems such as anxiety and depression as having a mental illness. Our thoughts are messed up at times and that can lead to a lot of problems.

It takes an understanding and empathetic therapist to help us and to act as a sounding board!

The great thing about Covid-19 is that there are new ways to receive counselling. One is over the telephone. Another is through the internet using Zoom and seeing each other face-to-face.

Edmonton has many resources for people who want to better themselves, heal and grow up.

Our creator said to come unto him as little children. We are New Creations in Christ when we accept Jesus as our saviour. He takes us to heaven!

We don’t need to stay stuck in our old ways. I am really glad for Christian Bible Study Guide books that I can turn to for help. Unfortunately many of mine are in storage, but the internet does provide insight into many topics together with Bible verses.

It takes a lot of work to get better and it’s worth it. I am so blessed that I decided during my younger years that I would not try hard drugs.

I am thankful I have come this far. I’m learning not to overwhelm myself unnecessarily. Those with childhood neglect whether it’s intentional or unintentional have a tendency to get overwhelmed more easily than others.

I hope this sheds some light as to who I am. Try and understand please instead of judging me or pushing me.

Snippets from Marian

Marian Nash

Today is my birthday. 

I would be 86, but I have decided to turn the clock backwards. So today I am 84. Silly, you say? 

Not so. You see, by going backwards I’ll be 80 instead of 90 in 2025. And 80 is not old. 

Because I have been thinking I’m old. And these past two years have confirmed it.  I shall survive! I shall beat the doldrums!

My great-granddaughter Brooklyn (who will be six on January 16) has declared that January 3 shall be National Doughnut Day as everyone needs a something sweet after the “after Christmas doldrums.”

So give a doughnut to all those you love on January 3. 

She’s wise beyond her years. Of course, I’m prejudiced!